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[What factors affect the effect of antistatic masterbatch?]
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What factors affect the effect of antistatic masterbatch?


antistatic masterbatch, also known as antistatic masterbatch, is the high-speed mixing of carrier and antistatic system, extruded granulation, used to reduce the surface resistance of the material, to prevent the adverse effects of static electricity on various industrial sectors and human beings.


antistatic masterbatch is milky white or light yellow transparent liquid, cationic surfactant. The antistatic masterbatch has excellent thermal stability and processing technology, which can meet the production process requirements of polyolefin products. The addition of the product does not affect the mechanical properties of the base resin, but has little effect on the optical properties of the product. The antistatic masterbatchhas remarkable antistatic effect, long antistatic duration, non-toxic and pollution-free, and can be used for products directly in contact with food.


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