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[The curtain does not end, the future can be expected! Plake Red Plum successfully concluded CHINAPLAS 2024 International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition!]
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The curtain does not end, the future can be expected! Plake Red Plum successfully concluded CHINAPLAS 2024 International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition!

On April 26, 2024, CHINAPLAS 2024, a four-day international Rubber and Plastics exhibition, came to a successful conclusion at the Shanghai International Convention and Exhibition Center. With the theme of "Starting a New Journey, Shaping the Future, Innovation and Win-win", this year's exhibition covers an area of more than 380,000 square meters and brings together more than 4,000 international exhibitors to showcase cutting-edge technologies and innovative products in the plastics and rubber industry.

This exhibition not only showcases the innovation achievements and market potential of the plastics and rubber industry, but also provides an important platform for exchanges and cooperation within the industry. Through the exhibition, exhibitors have in-depth exchanges with potential customers, promoting the promotion and application of new technologies and new products, and promoting scientific and technological innovation and market expansion in the plastics and rubber industry.

Jiangsu Pulek Red Plum Masterbatch Co., LTD., as a leader in the plastic industry, brought high-quality masterbatches to a successful conclusion of the event.

A wonderful review of the exhibition

Looking back at this event, the Plecker Red Plum booth was crowded with visitors in an endless stream. The professional team composed of Chairman Yao Yuping and General manager Yao Feng answers questions for customers and provides one-to-one solutions and technical services.

▲ China Plastic Association Chairman Wang Zhanjie visited our booth to give guidance




Many professionals, industry colleagues and foreign merchants have come to the booth of Plecker Hongmei to understand the company's new products, new technologies and solutions. Plecker Red Plum booth popularity, fully demonstrated the company's influence in the industry and brand strength.



Plecker Red Plum your own color expert

CHINAPLAS 2024 in full swing has come to an end. From the details of the booth to the reception and other work in the exhibition, all the staff of PLAS Hongmei devoted serious and enthusiasm, and left a deep impression on the leaders, guests and professional visitors to the booth with new core technologies and perfect products. It has been praised by the leaders and guests and customers.

Thank you for all the encounters, wonderful never ending! Although the exhibition has come to an end, but the star of the Pulek red plum is shining, we will continue to explore breakthroughs, never stop, Pulek red plum will continue to contribute to the high-quality development of the plastics industry.

Finally, the 37th China International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition will be opened in Shenzhen on April 15, 2025. Let's meet with Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao 'an New Hall) and witness the glory of Pleck Red plum together!

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