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[Red plum open masterbatch product introduction!]
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Red plum open masterbatch product introduction!


First, product features:


Full use of high-quality open masterbatch, smooth opening, easy opening, good transparency, good gloss, not easy to precipitate, ordinary printing and the whole network copper plate printing has a unique coloring power and clarity;


2. Scope of application:


Wide range of application, especially suitable for 1, widely used PE, PP, PO blown film products, steam ball bag products. Blow molding, extrusion, injection molding and casting processing. Prevent adhesion between films or sheets.


Third, appearance:


Can be made into a variety of shapes, 1, oval particles; 2, cylindrical; 3, flake;


open masterbatch is an important plastic additive, which plays a very important role in improving the opening properties and other physical properties of plastic films. In the future development of the plastics industry, with the continuous improvement of the performance requirements of plastic film and the continuous improvement of processing technology, the application prospect of open masterbatch will be broader.

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