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Introduction to Foreign Trade

     Since its start in 1996 involving export business, after years of development, from the original scope of trade in Central Asia, Southeast Asia, several countries have expanded to three dozen countries in Asia, the Americas and Europe, and export volume year by year increments. Export directory is also composed of a single masterbatch grades to several more fields and functional master batch colors, raw materials, machinery and equipment.

2000 in company with Singapore, Vietnam tripartite cooperation, the construction of a masterbatch plant in Ho Chi Minh City. OOO two officially put into operation by the end of the original export only auxiliary materials can increase a year more than 100 million US dollars. OO 2003, the company has with the other two foreign companies, invest in a masterbatch plant in Hanoi, Vietnam, put into operation in August the same year. On this basis, the company will strengthen ties with foreign customers, and strive to set up more foreign investment in joint ventures, for the company's international development open up new roads.

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