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[What are the countermeasures for the future development of the plastics industry?]
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What are the countermeasures for the future development of the plastics industry?


The first is to strengthen independent innovation. In the plastics industry, we are now in the direction of innovation. The focus is on reinforced flame retardant and thermally insulated polyurethane foam insulation plastics, breathable membrane materials, fully biodegradable materials, degradable mulch films, and large-caliber, high-strength drainage Sewage pipes, etc.


The second is to promote intelligent manufacturing, promote the deep integration of the Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence into the real economy, promote industrial technology reform and optimization and upgrade with intelligent manufacturing as the main attack direction, promote the fundamental transformation of the manufacturing industry model and corporate form, and promote the industry Towards the mid-to-high end of the global value chain.


The third is to implement an international layout. The current global economy is highly integrated and international industry chain cooperation is inseparable.


The fourth is to do a good job in brand management. Brands are the life of an enterprise. It is necessary to strengthen brand building and promote the development of advanced manufacturing and modern service industries. It is to adapt to consumption upgrades and release the huge potential of the domestic market.


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