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[Red Plum Mother (871968) Red Plum and you meet CHINAPLAS 2024 International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition!]
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Red Plum Mother (871968) Red Plum and you meet CHINAPLAS 2024 International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition!


CHINAPLAS 2024, as the preferred platform for the rubber and plastics industry to announce forward-looking market trends, breakthrough technologies and innovative solutions, will return to Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center (Hongqiao) on April 23-26, 2024. The exhibition has built a high-quality bridge for upstream suppliers and buyers seeking innovative rubber and plastic technology solutions, helping to accelerate the transformation of the industry, and injecting new advantages and new impetus for the high-quality development of the industry.


Plek Red Plum will join hands with the heavy color masterbatch at the F51 booth in Hall 8.2 of the exhibition to talk about the future and explore new trends in the industry.


"CHINAPLAS 2024", as the leading rubber and plastics exhibition in Asia, will join hands with more than 4,000 high-quality exhibitors from around the world in 15 exhibition halls of Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center (Hongqiao), with more than 380,000 square meters of exhibition area, to bring buyers the top wisdom in the field of rubber and plastics. Promote the growth and development of various application industries by showcasing a range of advanced and cost-effective innovative materials and machinery technologies.


Plek Red Plum is committed to providing customers with reliable high-quality masterbatches, to meet the different requirements of customers, and always adhere to the excellent productivity, strict quality assurance to win the trust of customers.


As a veteran exhibitor of the Rubber and Plastic Exhibition for many years, Plec Red Plum will exhibit a variety of high-quality masterbatches in Hall 8.2 F51, showing the strength of Plec red plum masterbatches in an all-round way with a wide product portfolio and advanced technology.


Exhibition time: April 23-26, 2024


Exhibition address: Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center



Booth number: F51, Hall 8.2


Spring breeze is never too late, sometimes we meet


Plecker Red Plum meets you in Shanghai!


We'll see each other!

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