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[2024 Plastic Products industry Market Overview!]
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2024 Plastic Products industry Market Overview!


The upstream industry chain of the plastic products industry is mainly related to the petrochemical industry and mechanical equipment, which are the main sources of raw materials and equipment required for the production of plastic products. The downstream is the application field of plastic products, these fields include electronic and electrical industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry and daily necessities industry, etc., the application range is very wide.


In the various subsectors of plastic products, the subindustry with the highest proportion of production is other plastics, including plastic sheet tube profiles, plastic wire ropes and knitwear, plastic packaging boxes and containers, plastic parts, etc. The output of this category reached 49.222 million tons, accounting for 63.3% of the entire plastic products industry. Followed by plastic film, the output was 16.929 million tons, accounting for 21.8%.

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