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[What are the new trends in the plastics industry?]
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What are the new trends in the plastics industry?


1. Environmental protection management makes enterprises pay more attention to cleaner production:

Since 2017, as environmental protection has risen to the national strategic level, some companies have been shut down, restricted production, and rectified due to non-compliance of emissions. For better survival and development, the plastic products industry has gradually standardized, environmental awareness has increased, and attention has been paid to cleanliness. Production, pay more attention to the greening of products, and accelerate the pace of product transformation and upgrading.


2. Excess production capacity forces product transformation and upgrading:

The problem of overcapacity in low-end products is still serious. There are many similar general-purpose products on the market, with low-end and mid-range products accounting for the vast majority, while relatively few high-tech and high-value-added products.


3. The policy guides force and promotes the development of related industries:

With the rapid development of the e-commerce industry, the logistics and express industry has produced a lot of 'white garbage'. The state requires express packaging bags to use biodegradable plastics, a series of environmentally friendly materials that can be completely degraded under natural conditions, such as PHA bio-based degradable plastic Wait, will usher in good development opportunities.


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