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Transparent polyolefin masterbatch
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    product name:
    Transparent polyolefin masterbatch
     product manual:
     I. Introduction:
    Speed ​​color transparency of licensing polyolefin masterbatch is suitable for semi-crystalline polyolefin resins, particularly PP resin, can improve transparency and mechanical properties of the resin. The masterbatch is mainly used in PP injection molding, blow molding and extrusion molding.
    Second, the major technical indicators:
    Item Appearance transmittance
    Technical indicators particle size, uniform color, 80% (PP thickness 2mm)
    Third, the use ratio and methods:
    Transparent masterbatch with the polyolefin resin material in 1: can be used after 25-50 ratio (according to the specific requirements of the product may be) and mix.
    Fourth, note:
    To enable transparent polyolefin masterbatch play the best results, the use of the mold surface should be a mirror finish.


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