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Toner Color Service
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    Toner Color Service

    Since the dye coloring is more economical, easy to use and flexible, especially for plastics processing small quantities of many varieties is particularly advantageous, so now the choice of dye coloring of customers are still very common. For toner typically present color strength, poor dispersion and other shortcomings, we use high-quality dispersant, dispersed through a special processing technology to overcome the shortcomings of pure pigmented area. The Company is engaged in the development and production of masterbatch product has fifteen years of history, has accumulated more than 6000 kinds of plastics coloring formula, therefore, to provide customers with a full range of chromatographic rapid color matching services provide a very favorable conditions.
    Plastics processing occurs when the color problem is caused by many factors, including: 1 in injection molding process 2. changing background material injection molding machine cleanliness cleanliness 3. 4. 5. toner cutting door control deviation made improper use of dispersants 6. 7. pouring spout with a mixer cleanliness improper 8. 9. mixing time
    In order to solve customer problems exist coloring, we are ready to solve problems for our customers, and strive to achieve accurate, fast, high quality, low cost, to ensure high-quality color toner service, customer satisfaction.



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