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Polyolefin masterbatch opening
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    Polyolefin masterbatch opening (PEABM)
     product manual:
    I. Introduction
    Polyolefin masterbatch is a combination of open and efficient conduct complex special additives, processed by a special process. For polyolefins (PE, PP) plastic processing, can effectively improve the products of openings (ie, anti-blocking) lubricity properties and processing process.
    Second, the role of the principle
    Polyolefin masterbatch opening, on the one hand can form a highly lubricating film on the surface of plastic products, on the other hand to make the plastic surface to form a microscopic concavo-convex structure, can be very effective in reducing the adhesion plastic effect.
    Third, the role of features
    1, can effectively reduce the blocking effect of polyolefin plastic products;
    2, the processing of polyolefin plastics can play a lubricating effect;
    3, under normal dosage ratio will not affect the transparency of the product.
    Fourth, the use and dosage ratio
    This product will be an opening masterbatch with a polyolefin in the polyolefin resin ratio of 1.5 to 3% (according to the specific performance requirements of the article the opening may be) mixed, then normal processing can be carried out.



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