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PE, PP dehydration, defoaming masterbatch
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    PE, PP dehydration, defoaming masterbatch
     PE, PP dehydration, anti-foaming masterbatch Grades:
    PE, PP dehydration, anti-foaming masterbatch Product description:

            Plastic raw materials containing a small amount of water, if not eliminate, will form bubbles on the surface of the article and waterlines, strength and appearance of the products constitute a very negative impact. The use of electric drying equipment to remove water, then there is a drying material for a long time, the raw material weight loss, lack of higher power consumption, increased production costs.
    Dehydration (defoaming) masterbatch is designed to solve the problem and developed a blister functional master batch. This product can be strongly absorbed in the plastic molding process water, it can be widely used in PP, PE, LDPE, HDPE and other renewable materials, damp plastics and degradable plastics processing, in order to ensure product quality and yield, improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption.



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