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Polyolefin filled masterbatch
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    product name:
    Polyolefin filled masterbatch (EG802)
     Polyolefin filled masterbatch Grades:
    Polyolefin filler Product description:
    Main Recommended use:
    1, high-grade polyolefin laminated films (including cast film, blown film co-extrusion).
    2, PP-R pipes and pipe fittings.
    3, has a high quality and appearance of the injection molded article toughness requirements.
    Polyolefin filler is high-quality ultra-fine calcium carbonate as the main raw material, and the carrier resin and dispersing agents, lubricants, coupling agents and a variety of additives mixed modifier, and by high-performance twin-screw extruder full mixing, extrusion granulation from; in the matrix resin having good dispersion, high brightness, good processing performance, little effect on the mechanical properties of products, etc., can be widely used in polyethylene (PE), polypropylene ( extrusion, injection molding, blow molding, casting processing PP) and other plastics, not only can significant decrease in raw material costs, but also can improve performance of some plastic products.
    A polyolefin filler main technical performance indicators:
    1, calcium carbonate powder particle size ≤10Um
    2, Whiteness ≥82%
    3, volatile content ≤0.4%
    4, a melt flow rate (190 ° C): 2 ~ 5g / 10min
    5, density: 1.45g / cm
    Second, the polyolefin filler for plastic materials modified main functions:
    1, can improve the heat resistance of the plastic material, rigidity and hardness.
    2, improve wear resistance and anti-slip properties of the plastic material surface.
    3, lower mold shrinkage of the plastic material, thereby enhancing the dimensional stability of plastics.
    4, reducing the combustion heat of the plastic material, thereby reducing the secondary pollution of plastic products.
    5, to improve the printing performance plastic surface, plastic surface corona treatment to reduce the required current intensity.
    6, can give film products breathability and ductility.
    7, to improve the heat transfer performance of a plastic material, which can shorten the molding cycle of plastic products.
    8, can reduce the use of white masterbatch.
    Third, pay attention:
    This product is hygroscopic damp after opening the package to run as soon as appropriate.



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