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[The development prospect of plastic products industry!]
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The development prospect of plastic products industry!


Plastics are widely used in various industries of the national economy, and play an irreplaceable role in many fields such as industry, agriculture, national defense, transportation, construction, packaging, electronics and electrical, information networks and biomedicine. After years of development, China has become a major country in global plastic production and consumption.


In recent years, with the further breakthrough in the research of plastic materials, the application field of plastic parts continues to expand, and has begun to extend to the fields of aerospace, new energy, advanced manufacturing and new processing technology, and has a very broad market development space. At the same time, the plastic products industry has gradually achieved cross-integration in emerging industries such as smart home devices and Internet of Things devices. In the future, the continuous extension of the downstream application field of the plastic products industry will further promote the upstream enterprises to continue to develop new products to adapt to the development of the market, and thus promote the industry to usher in greater development opportunities.

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