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[Red plum tells you what the functional masterbatch is!]
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Red plum tells you what the functional masterbatch is!


functional masterbatch is a special polymer additive concentrate, which is obtained by mixing super constant additive which can give it some special properties into the polymer resin and processing by cooperating equipment. functional masterbatches include but are not limited to aging resistant masterbatches, anti-fogging masterbatches, color masterbatches, high temperature resistant masterbatches, anti-static masterbatches, photodiffusion masterbatches, flame retardant masterbatches, foaming masterbatches, etc. They are an important part of the polymer material processing industry and are used to improve the specific properties of polymer products.


By providing a variety of functional improvements and optimization, functional masterbatch is widely used in various fields of plastic products, including but not limited to packaging, electronic appliances, building materials, agriculture, automobile manufacturing and other industries, in order to improve product performance and meet specific use needs.

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