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[What is the color masterbatch? What is the use of color masterbatch?]
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What is the color masterbatch? What is the use of color masterbatch?


The color masterbatch is a high concentration of colored granules prepared from coloring agent, carrier resin, dispersant, coupling agent, surfactant and plasticizer.


In addition to the above raw materials, additives such as light stabilizer, antistatic agent, flame retardant and blowing agent should be added according to the functional requirements.


Functionalcolor masterbatchis a masterbatch that has the function of universal color masterbatch and gives plastic products other functions, including weather resistance function, antistatic function, etc. The production process of functional color masterbatch is the colorant of universal color masterbatch. The product is produced by kneading, plasticizing, grinding and granulation after surface treatment of surfactants with functional additives and dispersing additives. Functional color masterbatch is one of the technical development trends of color masterbatch industry.


The use of color masterbatchor functional color masterbatch to produce plastic products, the colorant in the product has good dispersion, bright color, colorless point or color difference on the product surface, convenient color exchange, low cost, friendly to the environment, small labor intensity, is widely used, the development of good material coloring method


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