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[How should the plastics industry develop in the future?]
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How should the plastics industry develop in the future?


With the acceleration of the construction of a new socialist countryside, the acceleration of urbanization, and the increase of urbanization rate, the rapid growth in demand for a series of plastic products such as plastic pipes, profiled materials, artificial leather, synthetic leather, etc. will drive the increase in technological innovation capabilities. To promote the development of general plastics manufacturing industry, technological innovation and institutional management innovation will greatly stimulate market vitality; domestic demand is playing an increasing role in the economic growth of plastics, adding market space for the development of general plastics;


The country’s decision on agricultural development, strengthening the process of urbanization, revitalizing the old industrial base in the northeast, and developing the western region will promote the plastics industry to follow the strategic transfer of the entire industry and gradually develop from the two delta regions to the central region in the future. Regional strategic changes promote the development of General Plastics.


In 2017, China's plastic products manufacturing market revenue reached 2.44 trillion yuan. As the plastics industry gradually matures and the accuracy of plastic products improves, it is estimated that China's plastic products manufacturing market revenue will reach 3.29 trillion yuan in 2023.


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