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[The leaders of China Plastics Association come to visit our company for investigation and research activities!]
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In order to promote the development of the industry, understand the production and operation status of plastic processing enterprises during the epidemic, and further prepare for the industry-wide "14th Five-Year Plan", according to the annual work plan of the China Plastics Processing Association (hereinafter referred to as the China Plastics Association), September From 1st to 2nd, a 6-member investigation and research team led by Chairman Zhu Wenwei of China Plastics Association and Wang Zhanjie, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of the China Plastics Association, came to Changzhou for investigation and investigation, and held a meeting with some member companies of the Plastics Industry Chamber of Commerce. Of the forum.





Wei Hua, chairman of Jiangsu Plastics Processing Association, He Xuguang, director of Changzhou Industry and Information Technology Bureau, and Zhu Yihua, chairman of Changzhou Plastics Industry Chamber of Commerce, attended the event.


Member of the Investigation and Research Group of China Plastics Association



Visit Hongmei·Visit and Exchange


Chairman Zhu Wenwei and his entourage came directly to our company after getting off the high-speed rail and inspected the imported production line accompanied by Chairman Yao Yuping and General Manager Yao Feng.



Hongmei’s efficient development and technological innovation have been unanimously recognized and praised by the leaders. Director Zhu is very pleased to see the tight and orderly production state of our company.



Chairman Yao Yuping reported the situation of the company to the leaders of China Plastics Association. During the 30-year development process, Prack Hongmei Company has steadily moved forward, step by step from the close-down street factory to the leading position in the same industry in the country. .


Especially after the anti-epidemic battle started this year, we decisively adjusted the direction of production to maximize the supply of high-quality meltblown materials for the market. After months of hard work, the demand for epidemic prevention materials has also been greatly increased. The benefit of the enterprise. According to the current order situation of enterprises, it is a foregone conclusion to exceed the annual target.



Chairman Wenwei Zhu fully affirmed the extraordinary performance achieved by our company during this year's extraordinary period, and expressed gratitude to all employees for their hard work.



He said that at the 30th mark of the enterprise, it is necessary to do a good job of oneself, earnestly improve the quality of the brand, and face the big changes in the world structure, plan ahead and strive to achieve a new leap in the post-epidemic period.



Forum · Work together for a win-win situation


After the intense inspection, the inspection team had a discussion in the Tong'an Hall on the 3rd floor of Jinling Jiangnan Hotel and some vice-chairmen and directors of the Changzhou Plastic Chemical Industry Chamber of Commerce.



More than 10 entrepreneurs who attended the meeting introduced their respective situations, and poured a lot of bitterness to the "mother family".



The investigation team listened carefully to everyone's speeches, and had a lively discussion on the classification of plastic processing and the precision of environmental protection management.



At the end of the symposium, Chairman Zhu Wenwei made an important speech. He said that although the half-day time is short, by looking at the company and listening to the situation, there are feelings and gains.


The total amount of Jiangsu's plastic processing industry ranks third in the country, and Changzhou's plasticization industry has made important contributions. During the epidemic, the plasticization companies in Changzhou did everything possible to resume work and resume production, and quickly achieved the resumption of work and production, which is quite prominent in the country.


To maintain the status of the country's important plastic processing center, everyone present and entrepreneurs in the same industry in the city need to continue their efforts and struggle. He made three points to encourage everyone:


One is to grasp the general trend and follow the trend. The severe epidemic and the rise of trade protectionism have brought many changes to people’s lives. Companies must be excited, see the situation clearly, be good at looking for opportunities in crises, and actively participate in the large business circle of internal circulation, and strive to do well Your own business can effectively enhance the immunity of the company and achieve sustainable development.


The second is to strengthen the confidence in plastic processing. It is a kind of prejudice that talks about "chemical" and "plastic" discoloration are very serious in society. As a processed plastic, it is a light industrial product recognized by the state. Plastics make people's lives better. This is the case in history and it should be in the future. It is the general trend to do a good job in the environmental protection management of enterprises in particular earnestly.


The third is to take high quality, increasing variety and creating brand as the future development direction of the enterprise, which is also the content that must be emphasized in the "14th Five-Year Plan" of the whole industry. To do this work well requires an innovative spirit, which must be combined with the integrity of the enterprise. Entrepreneurs must have a sense of mission and responsibility and take the lead in doing it well.

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