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[May 1st Labor Day | Tribute to the hardworking laborers!]
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May Day International Labor Day

It is a global festival in more than 80 countries in the world

It is a festival shared by working people all over the world

Labor is the source of all good things

Labor drives history and changes the world

Bring us better



With the joint efforts of all employees, Praike Hongmei

Showing strong development momentum

Employees work hard and work together

To enable Hongmei in all aspects of technological upgrading and product optimization

Have made great progress

Hongmei's high-quality development in the past 30 years

It's all the hard work and sweat of the employees

Engraved with the struggle and dedication of employees

Praike Hongmei expresses to you

Lofty respect and heartfelt thanks!



In this festival of laborers

Praque Red Plum

With a grateful heart, send heartfelt wishes

Wish every laborer

Happy holidays, peace and happiness!


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