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[How is the masterbatch processed?]
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How is the masterbatch processed?


The color masterbatch is a high-concentration colored pellet made by a colorant, a carrier resin, a dispersant, a coupling agent, a surfactant, and a plasticizer.


Use color masterbatches or functional color masterbatches to produce plastic products. The colorants have good dispersibility in the products, bright colors, no color spots or color differences on the surface of the products, convenient color replacement, low cost, environmentally friendly, and low labor intensity. It is a widely used plastic coloring method with good development prospects, which is beneficial to maintaining the chemical stability and color stability of pigments, and to make pigments have better dispersibility in plastics.


Established in 2003, Jiangsu Hongmei Masterbatch Co., Ltd. is one of the largest polyolefin masterbatches manufacturers in East China after more than ten years of steady development. Its business scale ranks among the top domestic counterparts. It is mainly composed of three major systems: plastic color masterbatch, functional masterbatch, and modified material. It has won a good reputation from customers for its good image of multiple varieties, complete color spectrum, and stable quality.

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